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Dear Bethel Church members and visitors,

On account of the pandemic, our morning worship is taking place in modified form. Perhaps the biggest change is that our 10:45 a.m. service is now divided into two, to allow for greater “social distancing.” The first service is at 9 a.m. and the second at 11 a.m.

We are taking additional steps to ensure our joint safety, as well. Toward that end, please be aware of the following:

1. Seating is every other row, and families are asked to sit together.

2. The 9 a.m. service features responsive readings, in place of hymns. Thus, the early service is intended for those who are higher risk and/or want to exercise greater caution. The second service still includes hymns.

3. The offering box is located in the narthex, to avoid the passing of the plates.

4. Finally, to help reduce the spread of germs, toys have been removed from the nursery.

In addition, we ask that you consider taking the following measures:

1. If you are sick or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 -- or if you simply feel uncomfortable assembling with a large group of people -- please do not come to church. We do not want anyone to feel pressured to attend, and sermons will continue to be posted online for those who decide to stay home.

2. If you are able, please wear a mask. While we will not bind anyone’s conscience on the matter, we ask that you give it serious consideration, in deference to those who are vulnerable. A limited supply of disposable masks is available in the narthex, for those who need one.

3. When you exit the service, please take your bulletin with you; and, to avoid congestion in the narthex, use alternative exits.

4. Fellowship outside, around the pavilion, while maintaining a distance.

5. Practice good hygiene: cough/sneeze into your inner elbow, wash your hands thoroughly, etc.

We appreciate your participation in these measures, and ask for your continued prayer as we move forward.

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Alex

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